Professor Interview

The professor I chose to Interview is Dr. Danny Frost from the Political Science Department. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Philosophy, Then he pursued a M.A. in Politics from Princeton University from the same university he earned his Ph.D. in Politics. Dr. Frost is married and has two sons in elementary school.

Interview Questions General

What do you do in addition to teaching? Dr. Frost conducts research outside of teaching. He writes academic articles and books on the U.S. Constitutional and political theory. Also, he serves on a committee that involves Constitutional law and religious liberty. Why did you decide this career/position? A Professor from his Political theory class convinces him to go into the field of Politics. In serving as a teacher assistant, he enjoys the material and the task that came with it. What was your major in college? He's major was Philosophy. What do you like best about your job? Dr. Frost enjoys the teaching and the discussion with his class. Loves to talk about the issues that have a profound impact on the rule of law. As a researcher, he wants to have a positive impact on society. Did you always want to be in this career/position? Yes, Had the desire to become a professor. What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Dr. Frost loves to garden and walk around the golf course as a way to relax. Sets time aside to play with his two boys. How do you balance home and work, and teaching vs. researching? Dr. Frost doesn't work on Saturdays or Sundays that has to do with teaching or researching. He puts family first and works second.

College Success

What general advice would you give college students? Stay out of debt if possible. Don't consume too much alcohol or accessories. Live with integrity and do what is right. What are your expectations for students in your classroom? Come having read the material and prepare for the material outside of class. What are the most common mistakes that students make? Don't show up to class and procrastination of the work. How do you define learning? Learning as seeing the point of the argument and articulating the point. How do you define teaching? Education is giving students accurate information so they can take the issue seriously. What subject was most difficult for you as a college student and why? Advance math he had no interest in the subject.


What non-academic skill do you think is the most important for college students? Being Diligent and reliant in any aspect of life. Learning not to give up but learning how to persevere. To what you What is the greatest non-academic skill that college students today lack? Lack of focus and too many distractions with social media and reality. How can college students develop this skill at Clemson University? There need to be strict rules with internet usage. Put aside the emotion and entertainment side. As a college student, what element of professionalism did you struggle with the most? Dr. Frost considers dealing with conflict from his colleagues or students as an element of professionalism he struggles with the most. As a professor being able to provide honest and critical feedback to my students promptly.


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