Bronzino An italian painter

born 1503 in florence, italy -1572

He spent most of his life in florence

He started out as just a son of a butcher, and then worked his way up to be the duke of florence, he was also a poet, and painter

He was well liked with all of the popular and rich people, he also believed that people have more to them then what meets the eye

He was a painter that loved to paint portraits of religious subjects, also is a poet

His patrons were the Medicis


Secularism: Even though he focused on religious people, he mainly painted portraits of important people, he focused on the individual

Humanism: He valued friendship, and cared a lot about the people in his life, his paintings were also not about romance more about friends

Power and glory in paint: The full Bronzino."The Economist, 2 Oct. 2010. Global Issues in Context.

Bronzino, Agnolo. Eleonora of Toledo. 1560. Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives, N.Y.

It is called the Eleonora of toledo

It was painted in 1560

You can find it in THe fine arts archives in new york

He used oil paints on poplar wood to create this portrait

Most portraits of his seem to be sitting down, but the women in this one is standing up

Classicism: This painting has a dress that has a ton of detail, it is very elegant and simple

Perspectivism: The painting is three dimensional and has depth to it, you can see a table in the background

Naturalism: He uses a ton of texture in the dress along with using light, and he uses oil to create the actual painting

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