Hemophilia A Alex Barker

Hemophilia A is a genetic disorder that is caused by a missing or defective clotting protein known as factor VIII which causes the blood to misclot.

The mutation occurs in the gene F8 or also referred to as factor VIII
The protein produced by the gene that is present when the body is trying to clot blood is coagulation factor VIII.

The discovery of Hemophilia A remains a uncertainty. The first documented account of Hemophilia A was in the Talmud, a collection of Jewish rabbical writings around the 2nd AD century.

Hemophlilia A is rare in the US with only an average of 200,000 cases documented a year and it is more common in the younger ages, it is also more commonly found in males.

The symptoms of Hemophilia A vary but they all mostly involve bleeding, easy bruising, and pain in joints. It can be diagnosed by imaging or lab tests can bring back results. It can be treated with injection of factor VII.

The prognosis for this sort of disease is often times poor and the disease is listed as chronic. The inheritance of this disease is recessive.

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