Post processing concert photography From blue to natural

So, this is where we start. As all of my fellow consert photographers I struggle with that blue or red, horrible color cast. Its the way our sensors capture the scene but I wont go into that, lets focus on how we can try to fix it.
I always start to adjust the WB, thats why we always should shoot in RAW. I dont even know if a .jpg like this whould be possible to save. ALWAYS shoot RAW. As you can see, by just sliding the temperature I have added much more yellow into the highlights and exposure. And by gently push the tint towards purple we can bring back some of that blue, cold tones.
Down in the split toning I always start with both saturation sliders around 20 and then start experiment whit the hue, the color change fast so be gently on your finger. As you can se on the histogram we need to bring down some red but also some blue and green. So we move on..
Now lets go to HSL and decrees those green/blue tones we added in the previous step. Also we push the red down, alot. Play with the sliders and see what happens with the image.
First when Im satisfied with my tones and color I start with the normal stuff. Adding contrast and vibrance. Pushing down the exposure to add a little bit more drama with the clarity pushed up. Of course there is some vingetting added and some noise reduction.
There we have it, the final image. The blue is still there but we have managed to get some warmth into the picture. I could spend houres and houres with this one, go into every pixel and micro adjust and I probably whould if I had the time, but for now lets leave it with this.

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