The Divine: A play for Sarah Berhardt MEET PATEL

After the play- we were really excited of how it turned out. It wasn't boring and quite enthusiastic.
Before the play- Outside the Constant's Theatre

The Spiritual Experience- The Physical setting of the Constant's Theatre was very appealing to me. The chimes that were hanging when we first entered the building just made me feel like I was within an art setting, the aura of the place was also very pleasant, cold air was blowing and it just put me at ease and in a very good mood. I sat in the front row, closest to the stage so the voice of the actors was felt deep within inside me thus keeping me very engaged for the duration of the play. Every time the lights went dim, it just kept me curious of what will happen in the next scene. The light at the front of the stage was bright so I was able to see the actors clearly and also their expression's which was just a unique experience. The large size of the auditorium really renounced the actor's voice deep within you making you feel what they were feeling . I believe the role of place in Good Life is very crucial because its the environment around us that causes us to ease down from our thinking mind and put ourselves out in the open to experience new things in life.

The Social Experience- Before I got to the play, I took a warm shower and took my time to get ready so I would have fresh mindset when I watch the play. Soon after I went to pick up my friend and we went to the play together. As we got to the entrance, we ran into couple of our friends so we just talked and trying to not think so much about what will the play be, how long it would turn out and other things and so just watch the play with an open mind. Attending play with my friends was a collaborative experience because every time there was a scene change, we all just talked and gave our inputs on what we thought about that scene and it kept us all on the same page. Shared experiences create memories for us that show us how great it is to have good friends that make your day little brighter.

The Emotional Experience-My emotional experience most resonated with Talbot's mother and his brother, Leo. The reason is such that because the children usually never realize the sacrifices of our parents make for our well being. After watching that a feeling of gratitude arose in me for which I will ever be thankful for. Both of my parents work abundance of hours per week to help me pay for my college tuition and my residency and after the performance I had to call them to tell them how much I appreciate the sacrifices they make for to go to such a prestigious university.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- 'The Divine, A play for Sarah Bernhardt' purpose was to "educate the audience that it each person has the right to raise their voice the things that they don't believe in"- Karen Marulanda. It was moving away from the ideas of romantic melodrama to Realism. This play really focused on Social Oppression in the 1900's, for example Michaud came from a wealthy family and was interested in writing plays about poverty unlike Talbot whose mother worked abundance of hours to pay for his school thus Michaud was always recording any harsh experiences Talbot mentioned to help him write his play. I did not know much about the play but when I looked at the booklet they handed, the setting appeared to be in the early 1900's so I knew the child's labor laws were not intact and females had jobs. This performance really opened up my eyes because it made me realize that no matter how poor or rich we are, at the end the size of our graves is going to be the same. In relation to my life, my family in India is very wealthy so every few months my grandfather and my dad would go give money to charity foundations and sometimes we would even give our old clothes to the homeless people.

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