Daily Task:

Daily task may include helping kids with homework, cleaning, laundry, and overall childcare.

Work Schedule:

8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. But in most cases nanny's can be there at anytime if needed.


16 dollars an hour but can be more depending on the number of kids.

Work Environment:

Nanny's normally work alone and in most cases work at the child's home.

Problems That May Arise:

Parent could end up not needing help, kids may not take too you as easily as expected.


Paid sick days and holidays, free meals and housing.

How Do They Help:

They take stress of of everyone in the home by giving parents free time and giving children guidance and help.


College is not required but most nanny's get associates degree for higher positions. Also, CPR and first aid certification are needed.

Work Skills:

Child care, caring, fun, patient, fitness, cooking, drivers licence, water safety, and of course CPR and First aid.

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