September 11, 2001 Worst of the 2000s / By: cherina dominguez

The 9/11 attacks economically, socially, and politically impacted the world, especially the United States and Afghanistan.

“One of the worst days in America’s history saw some of the bravest acts in Americans’ history. We’ll always honor the heroes of 9/11. And here at this hallowed place, we pledge that we will never forget their sacrifice.”

—President George W. Bush

On September 1, 2001, 19 terrorists who are affiliated with the group al-Qaeda, an Islamic extremist group, hijacked four planes and flew them into the Pentagon, the World Trade Centers, and a field in Pennsylvania, as a suicide mission. This resulted in the death of over 3,000 people, some including firefighters and police officers. The attacks generated trillions of dollars in damages and thousands of people were injured.

Causes of 9/11:

The terrorist organization wanted to retaliate for the U.S.' supporting Israel, its involvement in the Gulf War, and the military presence in the Middle East. Another plausible explanation for the attacks on 9/11 can be traced to some of the hatred that terrorist groups feel about the freedom in the United States. The CIA also has some involvement with Osama Bin-Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda.

Effects of 9/11:

The war in Afghanistan began shortly after the attacks a month later, on October 7. They had a goal to drive the Taliban out of ruling power after the inhabitants of Bin-Laden and the rest of the members of al-Qaeda. The United States and Afghanistan have been long-time allies in the hopes of combating al-Qaeda. Since then, the United States and joining forces have waged constant war with the Middle East. It then ended on December 28, 2014, after the span of thirteen years. The biggest effect of the 9/11 attacks is the War on Terror that has involved numerous parts of the world.


The U.S. debt crisis was partly due to the tremendous increased defense spending. Homeland security spending has increased to about $635.9 billion today. The attacks resulted in about $40 billion in insurance losses. The stock market also took a decline with the loss of $1.4 trillion in value. U.S.' GDP value also lessened.


Muslims have faced harassment in the U.S. The attacks have also increased the stereotypes about Middle Easterns like the idea of all of them being terrorists. If someone was wearing a turban right after the attacks, people would be afraid of them and the person would be seen as an outcast. In extreme cases, people who were viewed as a possible threat would be deported. Religious buildings like mosques have also been threatened.


Civil liberties are being compromised at the expense of public safety through the use of policies like the USA Patriot Act. This allows law enforcement to use more surveillance towards crimes of terror and other forms of protection. There are other anti-terrorism acts still being used today. With the attacks came the increase in security at airports and such to ensure that terrorists will not come into the United States. This is part of the Transportation Security Administration.

September 11, 2001 marks the most disastrous event of the 2000s...

because it still affects the globe today. Many lives have been ruined due to these attacks, not only in the U.S., but for those in the Middle East. This event was also the largest civilian attack after the Pearl Harbor attack. The world changed after 9/11. It has injured and killed thousands of people, destroyed many buildings, and caused tragedy for the families of the victims. The 9/11 attacks marked a turning point in the world in terms of the increase of fear and security. Although other disasters took place in the 2000s, 9/11 could have possibly been controllable if better security was put in place. Those who have suffered from September 11, 2001, are recognized for their bravery and resilience through one of the most catastrophic events of the 2000s,

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