African Culture My visit to the Harn museum

I made a visit to the Harn Museum. I saw a lot of beautiful piece of Arts and I really enjoyed it even in usually, museums are not the favorite thing that I do to spend my time. It was one of the first time I went to museum and I think that it's very interesting. During my visit, I choose to focus on African Culture, particularly the way they dressed. I learned a lot about this subject. I think that the Art I chose is related to leadership because the way African dressed influenced everyone is Africa and they showed that they had their own way to dressed. They followed their own cultures and weren't influenced by others.

I think that this this covered the concept about identity. African had their personal way to dressed which isn't similar to anyone else. They have their own identity, their own beliefs about their way to dressed, with the using of a lot of colors like the pictures I chose. They want to represent their joy to live, to sun who is always present in Africa. African culture is very positive, they like to dance, enjoy the life and I very think that it represent their identity. The way they dressed and the way they live have a link. We can see through their clothes their identity.

I think that African Clothes are very different to everywhere else. They really have a particular way to dressed because of the climate, the way they live like I said and their conception to see the life. Their culture is very different to others, it represent freedom (Even if we know that they haven't always been free). They are very completely different to others cultures like European for example where people wear Jeans, shirt and shoes. Africans don't wear shoes most of the time. the way they dressed is very part of their identity and show the diversity all around the world.

The Art made me realize that every culture is very different and every culture represent something special. I didn't really Know and I was surprised about what I saw. I travelled a lot for tennis and I never seen people dressed as different as African people. I liked it because it shows diversity and I think that diversity is something positive. I learned for example that African women used to wear masks, thing that you Will never see for example in Europe. The main thing I learned is that everyone is different and that' the Beauty of the world!

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