A servant leader The interview

Her definition of what is a servant leader

being confident in your leadership abilities while being able to help others

not just dictate but be willing to serve the staff and patients

it says it in the name

E.E., Unit Clinical Coordinator

worked on the floor for 8+ years from a CNA to RN, BSN CRRN

Recently transitioned into this new position

"feels weird to be a leader on paper"


Pushes others to get to their full potential

Show others how to push through the tough times

"The ability to empower others require you first to feel empowered"


"Confidence in my ability to lead"

I care for my staff and the well being of the patients

Humble in my new position


Policy over the years has taught me how to collaborate

Multi-disciplined approach is what works best with everyones cooperation

The staff has to learn how to work together with and without me

How do you handle suggestions/feedback?

I fight for my unit, we can't handle everything thrown our way

If we don't have adequate staff, we can't take everyone who walks in the door.

We care for the Veterans, and we should do it in excellence.

Textbook version of servant leadership

Focuses on the leaders need to serve (Finkleman, 2016)

Engages, celebrates and praises staff (Finkleman, 2016)

This idea of serving first and the ability to foster relationships are common characteristics of some of the best nursing leaders. (Falhberg and Toomey, 2016)


Falhberg, B. P., & Toomey, R. E. (2016, Oct). Servant leadership: A model for emerging nurse leaders. Nursing, 39, 49-52.

Finkelman, A. (2016). Leadership and Management for Nurses; Core Competencies for Quality Care (Vol. 3rd). Beersheba, Israel: Julie Levin Alexander.

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