The adventure of the drippy

There once was a poor droplet mother and son named drippy and lifed in poor city then 200 years larter they evaporated and In to the clouds and so they had better life there they thought.
" Mom haaa help this is scary we're so hight" said scared mom said com " com down you will be fine "sorry for hitting you cloud" drippy said "honey you can't hurt them" mother whispered but 200 they stared condensating and sadly they move and percipitation and go to ground water
It was horrible hey went to a school where ever she me get beat up and ever night it sound like boom boom and one day at the house drippy heard his mom talk to the land lord the land lord exclaimed " sorry miss you pay rent you will get kick tomorrow" my mom said "please don't " but he left already" so from that four word they move to the plant
They stay there it was nice intell the day that they transpiration and move but that day mr droppy ham said " remember never slack or you build to be bad person so from that day he be the best person he can be" I won't be bad person mr drippy ham " drippy said.

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