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Planet Fair Trade: Enterprises for the new economy


Planet Fair Trade is populated by Fair Trade Enterprises whose priority mission is people and planet. They are creating an economy based on human and planetary well-being, a world where no one is left behind. Fair Trade Enterprises are pioneers of this new economy.

our big ask

Demand Fair Trade!

Ask for consumers and general public

Demand Fair Trade products. Ask your favourite shops to sell products from verified Fair Trade Enterprises (and other Fair Trade products). Use your social media accounts to promote your favourite Fair Trade product and the people and planet story behind it.

Ask for retailers, stockists and buyers

Support Fair Trade, including by sourcing and promoting products from Fair Trade Enterprises that are offering solutions for people and planet.

Ask for policy makers

Create enabling policies to help thriving social enterprises who fully practice Fair Trade who put people and planet first. This can include policies on trade, industry, tax, business regulation, education among others that can favour Fair Trade Enterprises and create a new economy.

Showcase your planet cooling products: natural, low CO2 fashion, organic and regenerative, upcycled and recycled


Spread the vision of a planet populated by Fair Trade Enterprises and other enterprises of the new economy. The celebration will create enthusiasm for this big idea: Fair Trade Enterprises through their social and environmental missions and innovations can create the roadmap for a new economy.


Our story of hope

Our movement is showing that business and trade can put people and planet first. Now let's create Planet Fair Trade!

Fair Trade Enterprises are business models built on a social and environmental mission. They are proof of concept of a new economy. This economy is populated by businesses and trade prioritising human and planetary well-being. Their business models are diverse, and include: circular economy, recycling and upcycling, women-leadership, regenerative agriculture, democratic structures, refugee-focused enterprises, preserve indigenous skills, traditional carbon-neutral production methods, full commitment to their communities, and use of profit to benefit people and their environment.

We are an alternative to greed and destruction. Big corporations geared to extract profits dominate today’s global economy. They increasingly funnel the wealth of our planet to a select few. These outdated corporate models are exploiting and polluting forests, lakes, rivers, soils, oceans and air to maximise their profits.

Inequality is rising and we are all facing a climate crisis. These are the results of business models that put profit before the well-being of people and our planet. But there are no jobs or profits on a dead planet. We are the hopeful alternative. The future is Planet Fair Trade.

Enterprises of the new economy

The Fair Trade movement has created a global community of mission-led enterprises who exist to benefit the people who make the products we all enjoy. These Fair Trade Enterprises are designed to focus on their social mission, use their profits to pursue their social mission and are embedded in their communities. This allows them to protect their local environment, and to preserve traditions and local habitats. We propose this idea as a roadmap for a new economy populated by enterprises that put people and planet first.

Planet Fair Trade

Our movement believes that economically empowered communities are better stewards of Earth’s life support system – land, forests, air, soils, lakes, rivers and oceans.

Chako Fair Trade Enterprise in Tanzania is cleaning up Zanzibar’s beach resorts. Prokritee in Bangladesh is unclogging their waterways from invading water hyacinth and using this plant as sustainable materials for their handcrafted products. Conserve India takes plastic from landfill and turns this into fashion accessories like bags and purses. Elillta from Ethiopia upcycles casings to create jewellery. Plastics for change turns waste plastic into new bottles and Maggie's Organics spreads truly sustainable farming. They are among 350 other Fair Trade Enterprises that are strong proof of concept of Planet Fair Trade.

By being rooted in their communities, and fixated on economically empowering workers, farmers and artisans, Fair Trade Enterprises work for planet. The UNDP and UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative believe that economically empowering communities make them better stewards of our natural resources. Fair Trade Enterprises support communities to be the guardians of their lands, forests, air, lakes, rivers and oceans.

Celebrate Fair Trade Day with your planet-cooling stories and products!

Up-cycled and recycled, organic and regenerative and natural

online celebration

More story-telling about the unique DNA of Fair Trade Enterprise. This is what distinguishes our community from the rest: social enterprise + Fair Trade = innovative business models

Recommended online actions (updated ideas to follow):

  1. Ask social media followers to share their favourite story of a Fair Trade Enterprise creating Planet Fair Trade (sharable stories to be featured on wfto.com/fairtradeday2020 - webpage coming soon);
  2. Share an image of #PlanetFairTrade (a cartoon or illustration) – ask online followers to share this to their own personal network to spread the idea of a sustainable, liveable planet dominated by Fair Trade Enterprises.
  3. Reach out like-minded movement (green movements) – create tailored and curated products that they can use to help us spread the #PlanetFairTrade message

Our unique stories (which one is your story below)

#PlanetFairTrade - low CO2 fashion, low CO2 home

Made by hands + handcrafted + hand-loomed = carbon-neutral production methods that provide livelihoods for communities

Anti-plastic materials for apparel, bags and baskets using natural fibres - showcase high-quality and natural products made from Alpaca, organic cotton, sustainable silk, hemp, wool, pineapple, banana, bamboo, cork, tree bark and more = as an alternative to plastic materials

Circular economy, recycling and upcycling stories - attract new buyers and consumers with planet cooling stories - cool social media templates for effective story-telling

More natural materials and methods:

Natural dyes and sustainable dyeing methods, cool farm tool and regenerative agriculture (Dr Bronner’s and GEPA Fair Trade)

Solar Panel to power workshop - ACP, Maroma story, Creative Handicrafts

Offline celebration

1. Tree planting = #PlantFairTrade is #PlanetFairTrade - to cool down our heating planet

2. Empower your consumers - Support a tree when you purchase a product

3. Get rid of plastics - clean-up drives (beaches, rivers, lakes, forest parks and other nature areas)

4. Community clean-up of urban rivers, canals and other water ways clogged with garbage and waste

5. Community run (5k) – runners collects waste along the way

6. School and community action – poster making competition, ask students to create a vision of a #PlanetFairTrade populated by Fair Trade Enterprises

7. Fair Trade Towns – Ask local councils/authorities (and local organisations) to recognise the Fair Trade Charter and promote local social enterprises that offer people and planet innovations

8. Planet Fair Trade marketplace – organise community open marketplace to showcase planet cooling products

9. Seminars, symposium, group discussions (World Café and small group discussion) – to discuss topics i.e. business and product innovations that offer specific solutions to address the climate crisis

10. Fashion shows, concerts/music festivals, food tasting, product launch

And lots more!

Campaign products

  1. A ‘Planet Fair Trade’ image
  2. A simple celebration visual lock-up that may also include the ‘Planet Fair Trade’ image
  3. World Fair Trade Day video
  4. Planet cooling story-telling templates
  5. Social media templates
  6. Video clips – individual stories of Fair Trade Enterprises working for a ‘Planet Fair Trade’ and their innovation