Gavin Fraser B6

This cut includes the julienne dice bayonet diagonal brunoise chiffonade and small dice
This is a kitchenaid mixer. It can be found in my kitchen at home and is useful for many cooking processes. It is priced at around $349.99 and can be found in stores as well as online.
This is when we made chicken with barbecue sauce. It showed how you could combine different meats and sauces to create separate meals. Different groups each made different meats and sauces making it so everyone could taste each flavor.
This lab was bruschetta with bean and tomato slaw. It was very good and had a very onion and garlic taste. It showed us how to be patient with the bread to let it perfectly brown.
This lab was pavlovas. We made these with care because if you messed up a single step it could ruin the whole process. Pavlova is a meringue and with fruit and cream turns out to be a delicious treat!

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