Secure passwords Lizbeth Garcia

If you have social media you should always keep it private, so only the people you follow can see it. Also, put a password that you will remember and never give your password out to anyone.
If you were to give your friend your password and she were to not be your friend she can give people your password and everyone could get on your account.
You should also give your parents your password so you wont forget it. Also, be careful on who you talk to if not you can be talking to a random stranger.
If someone were to hack into your account you should go tell your parents and they would be able to help you out and tell you what to do.
When you are getting off a social media and leaving your phone you should log out of your account if not someone can get on and check out everything your doing.
And if someone were to have your account you should tell your parents or delete it and make a brand new account.

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