Lessons From the Front Lines of Love Free webinar, Wednesday 2nd June, 7-9pm with Sarah Rose Bright

Are you ready for a shift in how you feel about dating and intimate relationships?

Join me for ‘Lessons From The Front Line of Love’

Free webinar: 2nd June, 7-9pm, for women

‘Lessons from the front lines of love’ is the title as I’ve spent years bouncing from one unhealthy relationship to another, wondering what was up with me, feeling ashamed, feeling like a failure, feeling that I was missing out on life and that I would never ever have a healthy relationship. Yet, there was a part of me that wondered what was possible, that never gave up believing that a healthy relationship and love was possible and so I went on a quest for love.

This quest was deep into the most tender parts of my heart and lead me on some crazy crazy adventures, that stripped me down and took me right to my edges until finally, at the age of 45 I got the biggest lesson that changed everything and 6 days after I got this piece of the jigsaw, the piece that had alluded me for years, my now partner messaged me out of the blue.

I am offering this free webinar as I see so many of you struggling and suffering with dating and relationships and I want to share this and the other key lessons that I have learnt with you, in the hope that it will save you from experiencing what I did for so long.

We’ll be having an open, grounded and juicy conversation about love and relationships. This is not ten steps on how to manifest your twin flame!

This is for you if:

  • You feel less than wonderful just because you are single - you may feel unloveable, unworthy, ashamed, resigned, frustrated…
  • You avoid dating or you settle for relationships, perhaps ignoring the red flags in the hope that they will ‘get better’
  • You feel scared to let love in
  • You don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like so you’re wondering how you’ll ever create one
  • This is affecting your whole life and how you show up in the world - you know it’s holding you back from other dreams
  • You may be in a relationship - a number of you who are have asked if they could join the webinar - absolutely!

I don’t want you to waste your precious energy feeling these things. My personal experience and that of many of my clients, is that this is ultimately a journey of deep self love. When you get to a place where you have healed those past stories, get clear on what you want and open up to love you can enjoy more of who you are, you can enjoy being single and the gifts that brings and then love sometimes just shows up and if not, you are still fully living your life.

This is about:

  • Choosing YOU now by finding compassion and love for yourself
  • Believing you do deserve all the gifts that life has to offer
  • Healing your past relationship stories
  • Knowing and owning what you truly want
  • How you can consciously navigate dating and create healthy relationships

I will guide you through some reflective exercises to explore your beliefs, blocks and of course the possibilities. Of course there will be a recording if you cannot join me live though if you can join me live, there is always magic in the community of women that come together and we will have time for a juicy Q&A!!!

I will finish by sharing about my 1-1 programme focused on this called CHOOSING LOVE. Choosing Love is an opportunity to dive deep into healing past relationship stories, radical self love, owning your needs and desires, exploring how to love and be loved, conscious dating and creating amazing healthy relationships and more! If you want to go on the waiting list for this, email me with I CHOOSE LOVE as the subject header.

Register in advance for this webinar on Wednesday 5th May, 7-9pm. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing you need.

I look forward to seeing you there,

With love, Sarah xxx

Created By
Sarah Rose Bright