Laura Ampudia Best Woman Sales Newcomer 2016

How does a UC Berkeley grad with a degree in Architecture become an award-winning salesperson at Adobe in her first year on the job? Ask Laura Ampudia.

In June, Laura won the 2016 Best Sales Newcomer Award from the Women in Sales Awards (WISA) organization in North America. Through their awards program, WISA recognizes strong performing women in sales roles in order to create pipeline for top sales talent and diversify the workplace.

Laura is an Account Development Manager (ADM) at Adobe whose core responsibility is building pipeline for three Account Executives in the Florida territory. She covers three Marketing Cloud solutions - AEM, Analytics, and Target.

“I have huge motivation and passion for what we do here at Adobe. I never thought I’d say that about sales, coming from a design background,” says Laura. “But it’s all about creative problem solving. If a customer has a challenge, I need to figure out how to solve it creatively."

“Laura was the top performing Commercial Account Development Manager in Q1, qualifying 18 products. She quickly established herself as a strategic partner with her Account Executives by going above and beyond the call of duty. Laura has developed a reputation for having a keen understanding of the Marketing Cloud and has been tremendously successful leading with AEM to tell the larger Adobe story.” - Chris Sorci, Adobe Sales Academy, Inside Sales Director

Chris Sorci

“I’m more shark-like than I thought," Laura says. "I always thought I was more nurturing than aggressive. But when you’re in the role, working with the team, you feel that urge to get in there, to want it, and to be persistent. I’ve adapted quickly to that.”

“Laura is a rockstar. There’s nothing I’ve thrown at her that she hasn’t been able to handle. She has great leadership qualities, mentors those around her, and has a really good business sense. During meetings she asks challenging questions and works to understand the products she represents. We need more Lauras.” - Jennifer Slaughter, Account Executive.

Why Adobe?

One year ago, Laura was getting her undergraduate degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley, contemplating a career in design.

Until she went to a career fair and met Adobe.

Prior to that, she had never considered sales. Adobe talked about team collaboration, “owning” your business, and a start-up mentality within a corporate office.

“I loved what I saw at Adobe. It was a place to build a career. And they took a chance on someone with no sales experience – not even retail.”

“The key to being in sales is having a high Emotional Intelligence, or EQ," Laura says. "Understanding how people perceive you, hearing what they say, digesting it, and being able to regurgitate it back is important. Sales people are the best listeners. If you can do those things you'll be successful."

Laura grew up in Southern California, with two sisters (one of whom is a twin), her dad and her attorney mother. She says her mom’s influence on her life cannot be overstated.

“My mom came from a working class family and put herself through school. She taught us that we needed to work hard and be smart. She raised us not to need her, making us very independent. A’s in school were expected.” That attitude is what Laura claims got her and her twin sister into UC Berkeley.

When she’s not driving revenue for Adobe, Laura spends her time out-of-doors or pursuing her passion for design. She loves making handmade greeting cards and even created a 3D model of her San Francisco apartment so that she could decorate it with her roommate.

Camping is also a passion, though sometimes with unfortunate results. In addition to giving themselves food poisoning on one outing, another camping trip to Mount Tamalpais ended up going terribly wrong after a rainstorm hit their campsite.

“It was so miserable. We couldn’t make a fire or cook so ended up making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. At 11:30 at night, we were soaking wet and decided it would be better to break it all down and drive home."

What's Next?

“I’m most excited that there IS a next step for me at Adobe,” says Laura. “The Sales Academy program has a path to follow – from ADM to Inside Sales to Account Executive.” Laura says she is most excited about the AE role and owning accounts or territories in the field. And while there are always uncertainties, she feels there is a clear path and that Adobe is both supporting her and helping to pave the way.

“I couldn't be more appreciative. I’m 22 and I know where I want to be at 25.”


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