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As you will be aware, since the unfortunate outbreak of Coronavirus, St John’s has meticulously followed the advice provided by the Government and has made the decision to suspend all activities.

We are conscious that many of you will be missing the benefits that come from attending our activities – whether social, creative, physical etc. As such, we will be offering relevant and useful information we think may help you during this difficult time.

We have broken this information down in to the following categories: food, local news, exercise, creativity, learning, entertainment, and delivery services.

Please also stay up to date with the latest news from St John’s by visiting our website and social media.

Here is a good, informative article by the BBC about staying in touch with family and friends online:


Some retailers will be offering select times specifically for older people:

Tesco – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-10am will be specifically for vulnerable and older people to shop and avoid the busiest periods (except smaller, ‘Express’ stores).

Iceland – some stores will be offering the same as Tesco on Wednesdays 8-9am (check with your nearest store).


There are some online resources available from which you can order complete ready-made meals or fresh ingredients, these include:

Wiltshire Farm Foods – click the link to visit their website or phone 0800 077 3100. Ready-made meals which can be microwaved or oven cooked at home.

Milk & More – basics including milk, cheeses, breads and more, all delivered to your door.

Hello Fresh – fresh food items delivered to your door.

Free News Platforms

Somerset Live – stay up to date with local news and how it affects you.

Bath Chronicle – stay up to date with local news and how it affects you.

BBC – for national and local news.

Free access to exercise at home

By using YouTube (see Entertainment section below), you can stay healthy by following a number of online videos. We’ve got the following suggestions (just remember, they’re not for everyone, and only do what you can!):

BBC Exercising at Home – the BBC are offering tips on exercising at home, and The Green Goddess – “the original keep-fit queen of the 80s - is making a comeback on BBC Breakfast. Eighty-year-old Diana Moran will be doing exercises three times a week from self-isolation so viewers can follow along at home”.

Beginners Tai Chi – a good beginners Tai Chi class which can be done seated or standing.

Chair Yoga – for beginners and anyone wanting seated chair yoga.

General Work Out – aimed at older persons, can be done seated or standing.

Meditation – a 5 minute video on meditation that you can do anywhere.

The Open University (FREE) offer varying online courses covering everything from arts, sciences, health, wellbeing and much more.

Free Books Online (FREE) – a resource of fifteen websites where you can read books for free.

Netflix – an online video streaming platform to watch TV, films and documentaries.

YouTube (FREE) – videos covering everything from arts to education and more.

Crosswords and puzzles – lots of options to choose from here.

wikiHow – online instructions you can trust. Want to learn a new skill or how to set up a new email address? wikiHow has it all covered.

Hobbycraft – for all of your creative and craft needs.

Great Art – offering delivery of all art supplies.

We hope you will find this useful while our activities are temporarily suspended. Please forward this information pack on to anyone who you feel would benefit.

We would also love to hear from you – how are you managing? Do you have useful tips to share? Get in touch and we could feature you and your advice in the next newsletter!