My autobiography By: grant herriman

My name is Grant Herriman. I am 18 years old and I am attending Clemson university. I am originally from Long Island, new York, and I am currently living in Charlotte, North Caorlina.

As far as goals go, my only one is to pass college. I am not very sure of what I would like to do in the real world with a biochemistry degree, but I will find something.

I was very accomplished in High school, having good grades in most of my classes. Also, I managed to get third level badge in my fencing class back in Charlotte.

My definition of happiness is just happiness. a person can be happy for no reason at all, and should just live normally with it. 

I chose to attend college because I wanted to do more with my life. I Am not a very proactive person, and overall lazy. I think college will give me the push to be more active and do something more than just sit around and play video games daily.


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