Brand Roll Out Discussion HEAR in the fox cities

We have a logo so we're done right?

...not exactly.

You'll need a minimal amount of printed stationary...

  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes (for invoicing, mailings, etc.)
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail (maybe not immediately, but it is useful)

You'll probably need some novelty items too, to promote your non-profit

Will there be a physical building or address?

You'll need signage too

Your digital presence online

Social media


Social Media


Other essential online platforms for non-profits:

There should be minimal rules on how to use and present your logo/brand

Other media outlets to consider

Radio could be a good avenue to get your brand out there, with no visuals needed!

Another branding concept to consider:

The "Elevator Speech"

I would say that anyone that ever meets new business contacts needs an elevator speech.

The speech isn’t your autobiography or a detailed business plan, it’s an overview of who you are, what you do and how you can help the listener. It’s you selling yourself in a brief and concise manner, using a format that most people are familiar with. While the elevator speech is similar to your personal brand statement and bio, it’s delivered verbally and thus should have a slightly different wording to be punchy and memorable.

People who sell themselves on a daily basis like trainers, speakers and consultants will have very polished pitches as it is integral to their personal marketing. I would say that anyone that ever meets new business contacts needs an elevator speech. This could be you going to an industry conference, a networking event, a seminar or just taking the elevator at your hotel – there are always opportunities to strike up business relationships. The elevator pitch prepares you for these opportunities and equips you with a powerful tool to get the most out of a chance meeting

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