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Erwin Wurm was born in Austria in 1954. He studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Austria. Wurm has an extensive gallery record, and he currently lives and works in Limberg/Lower Austria.

In the 1990s, he captured the attention of the art world through his One Minute Sculptures. The sculptures invited viewers to create the artwork themselves by interacting with common materials Wurm provided for them in the gallery. In addition to One Minute Sculptures, Wurm also creates performances, video, photography, drawing, and sculpture.


Wurm’s work appears whimsical and humorous. He often incorporates the human figure into his work. Wurm also includes clothing in his work to symbolize a protective shell and to fill volume. Wurm is concerned with altering mass and volume in his sculptural works. He also addresses time through his performances, impermanent sculptures, and fixed sculptures. Through the figure and humor, Wurm addresses consumer society and the figure as an object, capable of becoming sculptural in that it changes volume and space often. Wurm uses wood, Styrofoam, resin, paint, ceramics, and textiles in his three-dimensional work. Wurm takes ordinary objects and makes them noticeable through exaggeration or performance.

One Minute Sculpture


Wurm’s work is funny. It definitely does not appear serious at first, but upon closer inspection, a viewer could find a more serious concept. I like Wurm’s work because it is silly and enjoyable. I don’t feel I need to spend a lot of time with it. It might be fun to be a part of the one minute sculptures.

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Jenna Fincher


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