Florida By: Luke Schoaf

Location Details

Florida is the south eastern-most state in the USA. Three of the four sides of the state are bodies of water to the east and south is the Atlantic Ocean, to the west is The Gulf of Mexico, and to the north is Georgia and Atlanta. Also Florida Has a warmer climate. Florida has a warmer climate because the equator is closer to it that it is to us, thus raising Florida's average temperature.

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Tourist Attractions

Florida has many tourist attractions, Some of which include Walt Disney World, the Kennedy Space center, and many beaches. Florida's main tourist attraction is Walt Disney World.

On the left there is a picture of one of the buildings at the Kennedy Space Center and on the right there is a picture of the Walt Disney World sign.

Walt Disney was a filmmaker and an animator. After building his first park in California, Disneyland, Disney decided to build a second theme park in Orlando, Florida. In 1965 Disney and his company bought 27,443 acres of land, costing nearly 5 million dollars. Disney decided to build his theme park in two phases . The first phase included Main Street USA, Cinderella's Castle, and underground tunnels, for letting workers enter and exit the park without being seen by visitors.

On the left there is a map of the entire theme park and on the right there is a picture of a segment of the tunnel.

Another well known tourist attraction in Florida is the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is were the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) launces space shuttles. The Kennedy Space Center was built after World War 2 because America needed a please to safely launch missiles. The kennedy Space Center is in cape anaveral. It was built near water so if the shuttle or missile went off caurse it wouldn't hit a nabering town.

Historical Information

Florida was discovered in 1513 by a famous Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon searched the coast of Florida looking for the mythical fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon failed at starting the first colony in Florida in 1528. Then in 1539-1540 Hernando de Soto discovered that Florida is a peninsula not a island as Ponce de Leon. In 1562, Jean Ribaut claimed the territory for France. After claiming Florida Jean Ribaut and his men were killed by a group of Spaniards.

The Spanish had a hard time exploring Florida because the Native Americans murdered many of there men. Then in 1763 after battling the seven years war the British claimed Florida. Then after the American Revolution America got the land.

Sports Teams

Florida has many different types of professional sports teams. For instance Florida has two Pro-football teams. Florida also has two NBA teams. Florida's two professional basketball teams are the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Floridas two Pro-football teams are the Miami Dolphins and the Jacsonville Jaguars.

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