Part time jobs for students Marios Kounoupos - Andreas Michael - Galatia Nicolaou - Elena Antreou - Georgia Papageorgiou


Who are they?

The target audience are students at Cyprus University of Technology regardless of department and discipline. Some of them are residents of Limassol while others live in different parts of Cyprus but come to the city for their academic studies. They are males and females between the age of 18 and 26 and they all are from different walks of life. Many of these students need extra income because they cannot make ends meet. They end up looking for extra income that does not affect their student schedule. Furthermore, as it is difficult for them to find a job that fits into their study routine, they are constantly stressing and this affects their studies in a negative way.


What do they need?

A major problem that students face is their limited income during their studies. This has a negative impact on their psychology and their mental and physical health . This situation means that the students are more stressed and thus have difficulties coping well with their academic performance. Moreover through this pressure it is possible to develop bad habits, such as gambling. This happens because they can’t buy some necessary equipment or stationery for their university needs. As a result of this pressure to earn extra income they may also face some family issues especially with their parents because they can’t afford their expenses. One of the main reasons that students face this problem is that most of them are coming from families with poor income, combined with the high cost of living. In the end it is difficult to find a job that fits into their academic schedule.

Development of ideas
Development of ideas



  • Campaign events/poster/leaflets/video
  • Application
  • Web page
  • Dialing line

Our Final Idea

We decided to create an online service: Facebook Page

Our final idea is a Facebook page which allows those who offer jobs to post them, and students who seek jobs to also post their working needs.





Logo prototypes
Final Logo


The final product we designed is a service, a Facebook page that allows students to seek for a part time job during their studies. The aim of the page is to post jobs from companies and employers from all around Limassol that are suitable for students.


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