Wisconsin prepares for a winter full of snow Photos by Avery Liggon '21

Snow's no foreign thing when you live in Madison, Wis. But this year with an emphasis on the Clean Lakes Alliance, clearing the snow and getting rid of ice on the road has become a little more difficult. Less sand and salt is being used. Street Superintendent Charlie Romines told NBC15 news that the move is "an ongoing effort to preserve water quality." Because of that, there is a longer wait for plows to clear the roads and more people are using that waiting time to get out and explore. Here's what the town looks like under a blanket of snow.

Wisconsinites pull out their winter boots after the first big snow of the season. In just over 14 hours over 7 inches of snow accumulated in Madison, Wisconsin. Residents began to prepare for a long and cold winter that is only beginning.

Resident Jeff Liggon, and reporters father, uses a shovel to clear off his car after the large snow fall hit by surprise, and left him unprepared. Many others had not anticipated the snow, and did not have the necessary things such as snow plow gas, or car brushes on hand.

Streets are covered in snow, as a private plow drives by with it's plow up. There is currently a debate going on, on the Regent neighborhood list serve as to if the neighborhood should hire their own plows so that the streets will be cleared on a more consistent basis after snow fall.

Newspapers remain covered in snow as people sleep in a little longer than usual while waiting for the city plows to come out and clear the snow before people start their days.

Monroe Street is one of the first streets to be plowed on a snowy day, yet it remains empty long into the morning as Madison residents take to the outdoors to experience this seasons first snow.

Local business owner Jeff Liggon shovels away the initial snow fall from A sidewalk in front of his building located on Monroe Street.

Rebecca Liggon, resident and reporters mother, trudges through the nearly 7 inches of snow on an early morning walk with her dog Titan. Titan is a quarantine puppy and this is his first experience of snow. Rebecca says, "I think Titan was the one most excited about exploring this morning! He got right out of bed, and wanted to see what the white stuff on the ground was. "

Titan stops to watch snow falling off the trees that line his walking route.

Snow weighs heavy on the evergreens that reside within the Regent neighborhood. Some residents even take brooms to the branches to prevent the weight of the snow from breaking off trees limbs.

The neighborhood basketball court remains empty, as it waits for the neighbors to construct the annual hockey rink in Triangle park.

A private snow removal company truck gets stuck on the unplowed streets on its way to clear the sidewalks in the Regent neighborhood.

It is inevitable that Madison, Wisc. will endure more snow this winter, but it is the hope of many in the community that the city will figure out a better way to get the snow cleared around town. Sand and salt may harm the lake and its eco system, but icy roads and sidewalks can lead to accidents and falls. Madison, Wisc must find other ways to keep the lakes safe, while also keeping its residents out of harms way.

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