The Town of Angelica By: taigan piper

Angelica does not have their own municipality court so they pay to share with Shawno County.
This is Richard L. Smith, Angelica's chairman.

Issue: The Pulaski fire dept. is purchasing a new fire engine for the department. The board is determining if, and how much Angelica would have to pay for the new engine. Decision: Upon deciding that Angelica would have a shared payment for the new engine, the Pulaski board chose that Angelica would pay $99,546 of the $497,730 the new engine would cost. Opinion: I agree with the decision to make Angelica help with the costs of the new fire engine.

If the Pulaski Fire Department also provides services to Angelica, then Angelica should be responsible to help pay for the new engine. I would have done what the board did and have Angelica pay for some of the cost of the new engine. Angelica should help Pulaski Fire Dept. out since they service and help us too.

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