Early Life of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas graduated at yale university for the holy cross. He grew up in savanna Georgia. born on june 23,1948.he had one brother and his name was jamal adeen Thomas. he went to high school in st. Louis Missouri.

Why Clarence Thomas is Famous

Clarence Thomas was the first African American to become a Supreme Court Justice. He got nominated to be a supreme court justice in July 1990. He was nominated by George H.W. Bush.When Clarence Thomas was being nominated George H.W. Bush was resigning and gave Clarence Thomas his spot now he is the fist African American to be a Supreme Court justice.


Clarence Thomas succeded Thurgood Marshal and is the second African American to serve in court.He was educated at the college of the holy cross and at Yale law school.In 1974 he was appointed an assantaint attorney genral in missouri and subsenquently practiced law there in the private sector.


He was the first African American to become a Supreme Court justice. He helped enforce the laws of the United States government.

How Clarence Thomas is celebrated

Clarence Thomas does not have a day that he is celebrated but he is a very important man he interprets the laws. He is also the first African American to be in the supreme court justice.


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