Communication in Action

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How to respect the rights and needs of others

I have confidence that I can work actively with children. Through first semester’s different courses I have achieved knowledge about how to take care and work with children in the different environment. When I will handle with different ages children, I will follow the rules and regulation according to Child Care Act and also be aware of children’s health and safety. Moreover, I have to follow and respect the senior worker’s work. In addition, I have to respect children’s rights.

Characteristics and beliefs of interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and nonverbal messages. Through interpersonal communication, people can interact with other and understand others feeling and problems. When I will work with children in my field placement next semester, I have to understand children’s feeling, their demand and according to these, I have to take care of them. Through interpersonal communication (by observing children’s gesture, body language, and facial expression) I will able to understand their demand. On the basis of their demand, I will try to solve it. So, interpersonal communication is so important in my field placement.

Effective manage your emotions and provide support to others

When I become emotional I try to keep me calm and cool. I enthusiastically take the step to manage myself and try to handle the situation in an easier way. Next semester in field placement, I have to work with different age groups and different types of children including special needs. At that time, I might face some problems, but I have to overcome and handle smoothly and have to think about their demand according to their age which could be made happier both children and me. It is important during work with children because enthusiastically work brings a quite calm environment which we demand.

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