Tokyo Jacob seals and tanner seals

Japan has three branches: the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch which also goes for Tokyo as well

Japan is a constitutional monarchy in which the power of the Emperor is limited and is primarily to many duties also goes for Tokyo as well.

Tokyo(Japan) struggles to gets voters because they barley hold elections and most people aren't intrested.

Right now people in tokyo(Japan) are protesting on power to the people.

Japan(Tokyo) is mixed up on many things genders,power,technology,power,and America they lobby many things.

Tokyo are trading into manufacturing technology & engineering, other industrial machinery & equipment, machine tools, metalworking, metals, metal products, hardware and tools etc..... in the Plants and Machinery industry.

People in japan(Tokyo) have normal life's just like anyone else would just that they are into some weird stuff and technology. And because of that there sky isn't blue its grey they don't have clear skies because of all the gas and energy they use to make there cars and toys.

Japan(Tokyo) have not many gender roles beside dress code and whatever they're but there gender roles are dropping because no one is caring anymore.

Japan(Tokyo) have a bunch of customs and traditions that there to many for me to say they have parades festivals for just food and many more. Most are Christian but some believe in some emporer and some where God stuff.

Japan(Tokyo) has good education most of it now is online because they are so much into technology but most still go to normal schools like us.


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