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My report is on car mechanics. More precisely over the basic mechanics of the ITC'96 race car by Mercedes and DTM Deutsche tourenwagen masters. Mercedes-Benz car co is known now a days for producing fine luxury cars. But early in there history there major league in the car industry was the race car. The car in which i'am focusing on in this report is considered to be the worlds most advanced yet obsolete race car produced in 1996. Explaining the name the ITC'96 one of the reason it was so advanced is it's engine. The rules in the race say a cars engine must be a six cylinder 2.5 liter normally aspirated engine. And a maximum engine RPM of 12'000 revolutions per minute. And the engine block must be made up of the same block martial as the block in a road car. This rule is some what flexible and can be bent to a certain extent. The genius in the Mercedes ITC'96 is in the block material that makes up the engine alloys, aluminum and light weight metals make up the engine and it's components making the car very light. The engine also incorporates alloy cylinders and duel injector the alloy that the cylinders are made of has a much smother surface than standard steel allowing smoother transition from intake stroke and the exhaust stroke. The duel injectors allow more fuel to be introduced to the cylinder creating more power.

The Mercedes ITC'96 is truly ahead of it's time as a racing auto mobile the advanced technology in the engine makes it a top of the class racer. But obsolete because simpler and just as effective materials have been discovered for making high performance engine parts. The down side to the ITC'96 is how expensive the alloys are in oder to make the engine. Making it advanced because of it's technology which is used in every modern day race car but obsolete due to the cost of the materials needed to make key engine parts. So in the long run it's advanced yet obsolete a very interesting piece of not only German history but auto mobile history. The Mercedes ITC'96 is probably the only car in history that will have a title as it does.

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