The Cons of Vaping By ボディースティーブン

Vaping Does Not Help With Quitting Addiction

For the past two years, I have been interviewing family, close friends, and random volunteers who all have an addiction to vaping. That's right, vaping can be, and in many cases is, highly addictive. A close friend of mine, I'll just call him "Eric Mccune" for the sake of this blog post, had a severe smoking problem. He was a pack a day smoker at the age of 15. I introduced him to vaping because I wanted to help save his lungs, and, well, write a good story about him. Nowadays, I feel both good and bad about introducing him to vaping. For starters, he DID end up putting cigarettes away. That was the good that came out of all of this. However, Eric never puts his e-cig down. He is always inhaling nicotine throughout the day. Conclusion, the part about him inhaling smoke has been put to rest, but he still has a nicotine addiction and still needs his fix all day everyday. I saw the same thing happen across the board. All of my friends became enlightened by electronic cigarettes. It is, quite literally, just a process of cancelling out one addiction with another.

Conclusion: Vaping is, in many closely monitored cases, just as addicting as smoking but likely functions as a healthier alternative. (It still isn't healthy)

There are Health Risks

Vaping is relatively new. This means that there is a good chance that all of the negative and positive side effects are not yet known. However, there are known cons to e-cig use. According to an article written by, "E-cigarettes have potential side effects such as dehydration. Propylene glycol in the e-liquid can absorb and retain water, leading to dehydration. Some smokers might also be allergic to propylene glycol. Besides the propylene glycol, nicotine has negative effects on blood sugar and the circulatory systems. It is addictive and dangerous when pregnant or breastfeeding. Seek your doctor's advice before using e-cigarette or avoid vape liquids that contain nicotine." On top of all of this, new studies that are currently being conducted by top universities such as Stanford and Yale, vaping can actually cause both depression and anxiety in users. These symptoms are likely caused by the human body disagreeing with the different chemicals that are used in E-cigs.

Battery Explosions

Lithium Ion battery explosions are a legitimate phenomenon that should be feared by careless e-cig users. "There are many reports of battery explosions due to unconfirmed sources of e-cigarettes. One such report was on CBS News where a man was injured when his e-cigarette battery exploded. His tongue, mouth, and teeth were severely damaged. Using any battery including a mobile phone, car or computer battery is risky. A battery can explode at any time even when using an e-cigarette. Just consider the possibility of a battery explosion when evaluating the pros and cons of vaping." (new health advisor)


If you are reading this because you are worried about vaping, don't be. Every con on this list pales in comparison to the "pros of vaping." If you are reading this because you have caught your teenage son or daughter using an e-cig, let them continue. One of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT observations that I made while studying this topic was that teens and adults who vape were less tempted by hard drugs and real cigarettes. Based off of this fact alone, everyone who feels as if they might end up doing drugs should start vaping. For more information about why you should be vaping, check out one of my other blog posts. Thank you for reading! ^_^

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