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Mill 77's grand opening in newburyport

September 16-17, 2017 was quite a success for the grand opening of Gary & Julie Bergeron's Mill 77 Newburyport location. I went early, arriving just before they opened at 10am on Saturday, the first day of the 2-day grand opening. Having moved from Amesbury, their new location is in the same building as Fuel Fitness - at 22 Graf Road in Newburyport.

Their large space is very well laid-out, and despite having many different and disparate dealers, they have kept the entire space beautifully laid out, clutter-free, easy-to-navigate, and most importantly - easy to see all the products. Far too many consignment and antique stores pack their stores so tightly that you'd have to back yourself up all the way out the door just to see the items in front of you. Mill 77 is a breath of fresh air.

Some items from Mill 77's large selection of consignment dealers that I wished I had not left behind.
antique trough sinks

I fell in love with these trough sinks. I can't imagine what the employees were thinking while I stood there, staring at them, for at least five minutes wondering where I could possibly find room for one in my house. The answer: sadly, nowhere. Guess it's to move.

The clown is not for sale. Unfortunate, too, because I had a very similar one as a small child and couldn't believe I was seeing another one (first time I've ever seen another before.) Racks of racks of all sorts (and corbels, and hooks, and...) Love the vintage stool, painted barn stars, eye chart, and antique cultivator.
These boots are made for walking - and loads of interesting items like the corn grinder (which makes a great bar,) child's rolltop desk and chair, sifters and cow creamers, rustic (or is that rustique?) wood basket carved from a solid piece of wood, and handmade burlap & yarn pinecones, which look very upscale despite my ham-handed attempts at describing them.
Stunning pub-height table, handmade by Mill 77s owner, Gary Bergeron. The table's base is an operational antique drafting table made of oak and walnut. The top is added - handmade from pine barnboard. Many other furniture pieces and dining sets adorn the showroom, all handmade by Gary.
Adult clothing, kids' items, toys, and clothing, vintage furniture and home decor items, and repurposed items (like these church pews and propane tanks turned into jack-o-lanterns) are some more of the items you'll find.

As it's a consignment store, the inventory is ever-changing. If you see something you like, you should probably grab it before it's gone. Mill 77 is at 22 Graf Rd, Newburyport. They are open daily from 10 AM - 5 PM (closed Wednesdays.) If you go and happen to see someone staring wistfully at the trough sinks, come over and say hi.


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