RAZZMATAZZ "We all carry monsters in our souls"

3 and a half siblings

A record release party

A shady journalist

An anniversary

An accidental death

… and a whole bunch of skeletons in the closet

Razzmatazz tells the story of three siblings who meet up for the first time after 20 years to mark the anniversary of their parents’ murder-suicide and when a ruthless reporter tries to blackmail them, things turn bloody fairly quickly.

Cast: Ulrich Faßnacht, Cedar D. Wolf, Vanina Kondova, Bico LaFrey, Julia Dordel, Rita Helena Wolf, Todd Hunter, Esther Sandrone, Thorin Sieger and Sandra Otte

Our Audience:

Men Aged 35 to 45,

Independent Cinema Lovers (Both Male and Female),

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans

Project Overview

Language: English, German

Genre: Black Comedy Drama

Production: G.O. cross media production GmbH, Bremen, Germany

Writer/Director: Cedar D. Wolf

Director of Photography: Robbie Anderson

Music: Fuzziebär (Ingo Bednarek, Lennart Böcker, Michael Bettels)

Running Time: 108 min

Production Status: Completed

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