Based on a true story, the U.S. 4th Amendment is brought into question as two brothers, a college grad and a convicted felon, are unexpectedly confronted by two police officers during a routine traffic stop on the eve of Independence Day. This intense stand off makes America ask: Is there any power in the 4th?



The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees U.S. citizens freedom from “unreasonable search and seizures”. Over the years, the court has recognized a number of exceptions to this law that allow the police to conduct a legal search without a warrant in certain situations. One of these exceptions is for automobile searches. On April 29, 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court passed a new law that allows Police Officers to search vehicles without a warrant.



Warrantless is a visual portrayal of the tension between police officers and the African American community at large highlighting crime and racial profiling that plague African American communities.




Warrantless is set in Philadelphia- the birthplace of America, its laws ,and ideals.


Philadelphia is a blue collar city that has a strong base of lower-middle class to poor citizens. African Americans and Latinos make up the majority of this wide socio-economic demographic. Warrantless is a simulation that parallels the cases that many minorities are confronted within these communities.



Warrantless is aimed at the general voting American public, as it expands across multiple generations and demographics. Warrantless affects all Americans, because the 4th Amendment is to protect ALL American’s privacy and person. The right to move freely about without fear of governmental interference is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. Freedom from governmental intrusion into personal privacy is a cherished U.S. right. Warrantless portrays how freedom and autonomy often conflict with law enforcement’s interest in “preserving domestic order”.



Warrantless simultaneously captures the varying psychological and emotional states of police officers and citizens at specific points of contact and interaction. As most of the story takes place in a car, the audience experiences a personal journey of how things can suddenly take a turn for the worse. Warrantless takes you on an emotional ride that evokes anger, fear, frustration, and empathy for all characters.



The mood is relative to the time of day. Warrantless begins during the day and ends at night, and the visuals will represent the heightened tension from warm to cool. Natural light and shadows will be utilized to show the heightened controversy, as the night and day are two contrasting elements.Street lamps and police lights will be key in lighting the night scenes. The shadows of the night will create uncertainty and suspicion.



The lighting theme of red, white, and blue will be prominent as these colors represent the U.S. Flag, the police sirens, and when fused together make the color purple which is the color of bruised blood which symbolizes brutality and abuse.



Although there is a central conflict between the four main characters, Warrantless is told from multiple vantage points to maintain an objective balance. This is not a portrayal of victimization or finger pointing, but more so an initiative to create dialog about police and community relations.


  • High Angles will be utilized to depict the Police Officers and Surveillance vantage points. This will show vulnerability and submission to the Police Officers. This angle makes the characters look weaker and smaller who are under the Police Officer’s authority.
  • Low Angles will be utilized to depict the characters who are being detained by the Police Officers. This will make the Officers seem bigger and authoritative.
  • Eye Level Shots will be utilized to depict that there is no fear from the characters under the police officer’s will. Eye to eye approach shows that there is a level of respect from both police and civilian.
  • First Person Camera Shots to give the audience a perspective from the officer’s point of view simulating a body camera. It also offers the perspective of the two victims, Lil D and Roman.
  • Smart Phone Camera footage will be used to show the neighbors perspective to give a real life perspective of the incidents between the police officers and citizens. A firsthand witness approach.
  • Dash Board Camera will be used to give an sense of truth and reality from an unbiased perspective. It will be grainy, black and white, and without audio.


The overall goal of Warrantless is to become a nationwide initiative to spread awareness and educate the American public about issues and landmark cases surrounding Federal and State laws pertaining to the 4th Amendment.



  • Set visits with key journalists, exhibitors, bloggers, and network partners
  • Advertising campaigns of the first trailer and images via Social Media and Crowdfunding
  • Teaser videos and online campaigns with special interest groups that support civil rights
  • Presentations at Universities, Community Centers, and High Schools as educational tools
  • Meetings with opinion leaders, clubs and organizations


Creator/Writer: Brett Roman Williams

In 2014, in my home town of Philadelphia, I was one of those brothers whose 4th Amendment rights were violated by the Philadelphia Police. I’ve never been so afraid, humiliated, or violated in my life. My brother and I were detained for almost 2 hours in front of our home. I wrote this story to stand up for the civil rights of ALL Americans. This is one of many stories that is inspired by “real life” and personal experiences told through the eyes of a young black man overcoming unfavorable odds in present day America.

For More Info

Email: warrantless.thefilm@gmail.com

Created By
Brett Roman Williams


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