Oleo: Social Mission + Charter


Oleo’s social mission will be to create an environment that provides our customers with resources to help them achieve centered and relaxed lifestyles whether they are new or existing cannabis partakers.

From the form factor, our patented technology, to our partnerships (Powered by Oleo), our product ensures that we are delivering the fastest relief, consistent and unique product to help our customers relax and recover no matter what they are doing, no matter the adventure they are on.

Our goal is to deliver a cohesive and consistent message across all elected social channels by focusing on what sets Oleo apart, meeting potential customers where they are with a direct message.

Simply put, where do you Oleo?



Channel Mission: To interact with cannabis users who seek medicinal benefits such as pain/inflammation relief, as well relaxation centered around product that prompts conversation.

  • Pillar Focus: Who is Oleo + Products + Partners
  • Content Type: Native Narrative, Resource Links, Photos, Video, Facebook Live, Recommendations
  • Goal: Brand Awareness > Website Traffic


Channel Mission: To engage new and existing fans with a visual narrative that engages cannabis users who seek medicinal benefits such as pain/inflammation relief, as well relaxation that elicits passive engagement.

  • Pillar Focus: Oleo Life + Relax/Recover
  • Content Type: Photo, Graphics, Video, Instagram Stories
  • Goal: Brand Awareness > Fan Growth


Relax & Recover:

This pillar will answer the question “Why CBD?”

We will feature a mix of aspirational and chill activities such as yoga, reading, as well cognitive activities to soothe the mind and to highlight the "relax" and "recover" will unfold how Oleo can go everywhere with you to be used as post activity relief.

Each post will feature "relax" or "recover" imagery and copy to include Oleo Guarantees to build context and understanding on how it can be a value add to their post activity rituals.

We will use this pillar about 20% off the time.

Oleo Life:

Our products are designed with the customer in mind. They’re ready whenever you need effects, and fast! The question “Where do you Oleo?” will underscore this pillar and lead by showing people being active in real scenarios, showing where we recommend they Oleo, without overtly saying it. Copy will always subtly hint at how Oleo can go anywhere.

We will use this pillar about 25% of the time.

Who is Oleo:

Oleo Advantage & Education will be unpacked in this pillar and delivered in a “plain english,” way and visually through a softer science based approach. Imagery will hint at the "advantage" or educational anecdote, while the copy will go a little further in detail, with a relatable tie back to our users lifestyle and needs.

Oleo has a number of standout differentiators, a safer, more effective, and cleaner product for the consumer market.

We will use this pillar about 25% of the time.


Oleo is a flavored powder that quickly dissolves in water. It comes in variety of flavors, multiple ways to purchase and a Powered by Oleo offering for other consumer good brands looking for ingredients partners. This pillar will be anchored by conversation around the flavor profile and the narrative that can unfold on your plate or in your mouth. We will look forward to inspiring conversations around product usages and recommendations.

Visuals should be intimate, with close framing, and when possible have hands, people interacting to warm up the imagery and humanize the experience.

We will use this pillar about 25% of the time.

Partners & Ambassadors:

The goal here is to leverage our partners and ambassador use cases, testimonials and imagery to promote Powered by Oleo & to generate unsolicited good will to drive inbound social media traffic. Imagery will feature relevant activities and our partners and put them on a pedestal, while the copy will build context around the relationship.

We will use this pillar about 5% of the time.


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