Getting Started for Homeschools with Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue

Are you looking for a way to integrate teaching virtue into your Catholic home-school curriculum?

Incredible program. Every child should have the blessing of this program & every adult. It is a win, win for everyone. Thank you, thank you for this amazing gift. Keep up the incredible & thorough work for the Kingdom of God! We are a homeschooling family. I actually taught the entire program to our daughter who just finished her senior year & is preparing for college. Perfect timing!!!!

— Anonymous response to a customer survey

What is Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue?

Flexible and Comprehensive

The Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue® program is easily adaptable to children of all ages, making it a perfect tool for homeschooling parents of multiple aged children. Unlike a basic virtue ethics study or character education programs, our education in virtue materials gives students (and parents) examples of what each virtue looks and sounds like in practice.

Because Education in Virtue® is based on TRUTH, it can be easily integrated alongside any Catholic homeschool curriculum, or other homeschooling programs and products. You teach your child to know their faith. Education in Virtue® helps them to live it.

For years I dreamed of a program like this, and this far exceeds anything I could have hoped for. I have found the illustrated virtue cards invaluable in communicating to my kids how to live and grow in virtue.

— Homeschooling Mother of Seven

A Dominican Tradition

Rooted in the Dominican tradition and designed by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Education in Virtue makes St. Thomas Aquinas' theology of virtue practical and accessible for anyone


Resources included with the Starter Kit

For the Children

Beautiful and durable Virtue Cards contain illustrated examples of how to practice each virtue, with an average of five different examples per virtue.

Saint Cards provide models and intercessors for children (and adults) that they can look to for inspiration and help.

I bought the family starter pack. I have looked long and hard for something simple, useful, and meaningful. Excellent product.

— Catherine Z., Homeschooler

For You

The Educator's Guides equips you with the needed background to education your child as a Disciple of Christ.

Virtue Chart Packs provide a quick reference for the definition of each virtue, opposing trait, and connections to habits of sin. It also includes an examination of conscience based on the virtues, enabling you to go deeper in your life with Christ by striving for = holiness.

Allow the Sisters to teach your children

We know we can't be everywhere, and so, in an effort to make the Sisters' amazing teaching more widely available, we designed an online learning portal with a series of video instructions on each virtue. These engaging and delightful lessons are proving favorites for children and parents alike.

Now you and your child can LIVE, LEARN, WITNESS, and PRAY along with the Sisters.

Here's some delightful feedback we received in a thank you letter from some children engaging in the course at home:

"Thank you for teaching us the virtues. We always practice them together. I want to give you a huggy." (Emmy, 7)
“Thank you for teaching us the virtues. I really like how you always talk joyfully. You are my favorite nuns. And you are really good at teaching us the virtues. I’m really growing stronger in faith because of you. I learned a lot of things. You all are amazing.” (Arabella, 8)

And one homeschooling mom wrote us:

I do not possess the words to eloquently express the gratitude and joy I have felt since the moment I and my kids started watching the instructional videos. This program you guys have developed IS SIMPLY A TREASURE, A GEM. As educators you know that kids are sponges, their minds and souls crave understanding and truth. You have done such a magnificent work in explaining each concept with such clarity, wisdom and beauty while presenting perfect examples for the kids to apply these truths to their lives... From the moment we started watching I decided to change our homeschooling schedule. Now we start off the day with our virtue lesson and if for some reason we don't get much more done on a particular day, I still feel great, because on that day, just by completing their lesson in virtues they have truly received an education of excellence. ... The program teaches some of the most important truths that this new generation of kids need to learn and need to know to be prepared for the future challenges of our modern society. I have no doubt in my mind that this program will help so many of our kids to become true apostles who bear witness everywhere they go sharing the light of Christ with others.

— María Isabel, homeschooling mother from Puerto Rico

Beyond the Basics

We offer an amazing variety of additional supports as you and your children become ready to go deeper in discipleship. These resources take up the language of the virtues, and deepen your life of prayer.

We suggest introducing Lectio Divina Journals to anyone over 12 years old. Lectio Divina is the prayerful reading and meditating on the Scripture, and we offer several Lectio Divina Journals to help students strengthen their relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Our best selling journal,The Life of Christ, walks students through the story of Jesus’ life paired along-side rich art history. We also offer smaller journals for the seasons of Lent and Advent.

Let’s Pray Together is our Rosary book with scriptural meditations,, art and links to the virtues that will enable whole families to pray together.

As your children reach milestones in the practice of virtue, our rings and necklaces are physical reminders of how they have learned to live virtuously. We also offer a free printable Disciple Badges Kit, where your children can proudly earn each virtue to wear on their lanyard.