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  • 03/25/18: Trollingwood Brewery (Greenville NC) w/ Benjamin Mauch, Clang Quartet
  • 01/26/18: Parkway Brewing Co. (Roanoke VA) w/ Lucid You, Marcus Webb
  • 11/12/17: WUAG Studios (Greensboro NC) **CANCELLED**
  • 10/28/17: Fermentary Form (Philadelphia PA) w/ Soporus
  • 10/06/17: Schewel Theater (Lynchburg VA) w/ Oahu
  • 09/16/17: Bazaar (Roanoke VA) w/ Ben Mauch, Lucid You, The Sound Of Saturn
  • 08/04/17: Gallery Exit (Richmond VA) "First Friday"
  • 06/22/17: Flora (Richmond VA) w/ LUNAR, Amplifier On Fire
  • 04/29/17: Old City Cemetery Chapel (Lynchburg VA) w/ Ben Mauch, Lucid You
  • 04/22/17: Lynchstock (Lynchburg VA) w/ Ben Mauch, Leaaves, Oahu
  • 04/21/17: Duke Coffeehouse (Durham NC) w/ Lord Bendtner
  • 03/14/17: Bazaar (Roanoke VA) w/ Andrew Weathers, Lucid You
  • 02/03/17: Riverviews Artspace (Lynchburg VA) "First Friday"
  • 01/27/17: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ Bombardier, Autark
  • 11/16/16: BIG EGO (Long Beach CA) **Deaf Sharp Recording Session**
  • 10/22/16: Thank You Gallery (Norfolk VA) w/ Young Heirophant, Oahu
  • 09/24/16: Charlie's (Norfolk VA) **Excessive Noise Photo Show**
  • 09/02/16: Riverviews Artspace (Lynchburg VA) "First Friday"
  • 03/04/16: Riverviews Artspace (Lynchburg VA) "First Friday"
  • 01/29/16: Cure (Norfolk VA) w/ asentimentalsong, Beautiful Belles
  • 12/04/15: Toolry (Lynchburg VA) w/ KillGXXD, Paris Jones
  • 10/14/15: Toolry (Lynchburg VA) w/ Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Mike Tannian
  • 07/02/15: Riverviews Artspace (Lynchburg VA) "First Friday"


Cover courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin

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