renewable and non renewable energy finlay cameron

non renewable energy

non renewable energy
  • non renewable energy is a source of energy that will one day run out it is finite
  • they come in the form of fossil fuels these are coal,oil and gas.these materials are made from natural matter that have been underground for millions of years
  • fossil fuels are usually burnt to heat water that creates the steam to spin a turbine in a power station
  • although contributing to most of the worlds electricity they damage the enviroment and are harmful to the people who work with them

renewable energy

  • renewable energy sources are sources of energy that will never run out .they are infinite.
  • sources of renewable energy are solar, wind, water waves, hydro electricity, biofuel ,tidal and geo thermal.

renewable energy sources in detail


  • solar energy is when we harness the suns rays and turn it into energy using photovoltic ( pv ) cells on solar power is often used for providing energy on a relatively small scale.
  • advantages
  • although it used to be expensive as it has become cheaper it is accounting for more and more of the worlds electricity especially in hot countries like in Spain where solar accounts for 47 percent of its electricity.
  • can power single homes like in Africa where electricity is becoming available to remote communities
  • after the initial cost solar panels require little maintenance and they work on cloudy days swell as sunny.
  • disadvantages
  • don't work at night
  • can't increase power output


  • wind energy is created by using wind instead of steam to turn the blade to power the generator it can used on a big scale like a wind farm or a small scale.
  • advantages
  • after the initial cost almost cost free
  • no emmisions
  • don't take up a lot of land
  • many people think wind turbines add to the landscape
  • disadvantages
  • not as effective at producing electricity
  • some people think they are ugly and spoil a landscape
  • sometimes noisy


  • hydro electricity is a source of energy which uses flowing water to turn a turbine.often collected in dams it is let through through pipes which spins turbines before being released back into the river.
  • advantages
  • after construction can provide electricity for generations to come
  • able to increase and decrease supply when needed
  • no emissions
  • large dams also provide tourist attractions and drinking water reservoirs
  • disadvantages
  • very expensive to build
  • can destroy animal habitats when being built and rotting vegetation creates co2 and methane emissions
  • people could be forced to move homes and abandon businesses
  • can sometimes lead to serious geological damage such as the hoover dam in america which made many earthquakes and depressed the earths surface

waves and tides

  • wave and tidal power is a source of energy that uses the movement of the water to spin small turbines that are connected to a generator.
  • advantages
  • tides are always moving and there are usually waves
  • no emissions
  • disadvantages
  • can alter the seabed and destroy habitats
  • not very consistent
  • hazard to boats
  • can spoil view


  • in places such as volcanic areas or where hot rock is close to the surface we can harness the heat to get electricity.
  • advantages
  • brilliant reliable source of energy
  • no environmental problems
  • can heat individual buildings directly
  • fairly cheap when done with individual dwellings
  • disadvantages
  • aren't very many places that can have this source of energy
  • cost of building the power station high compared to the amount of energy produced

the future of renewable energy

as the world heats up and oil runs out we will need renewable energy more and more.however the future is constantly changing.Only this year we have had the paris environmental agreement that sees 195 countries aiming to reduce co2 emissions as well many other policies to reach climate neutrality before the end of the century.however we have also seen Donald Trump elected by the US who definitely doesn't believe in climate change leading to possible drilling for oil in americas national parks.but whatever the future holds we can be certain that renewables will be a big part of it


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