My Turtle Life Reilly Newson

There was once a turtle named Timmy he wasn't like most turtles.
He looked very different from most turtles.
This turtle was very small he was smaller then most turtles he also had long arms longer then most turtles arms.
All Timmys friends would make fun of him cause they thought it was fun that he looked different.
Timmy would go home everyday crying cause the other turtles are making fun of him.
Timmy didn't know what to do about his friends making fun of him so he told them "please stop making fun of the way I look you guys hurt my feelings".
You would think they would stop.But they didn't they kept making fun of him.They didn't care what he said they kept making fun of him.
Timmy went home and cried again about what they do and say to him.
Timmy had a great idea to make new friends cause Timmy started believing what they said about him.So Timmy made some new friends.
Timmys new friends didn't make fun of him they were a good group for him they made him happy Timmy went home happy every day.
Timmy loved his new friends he was so happy that his new friends except him for him.
The moral of this story is DO NOT BULLY.Bullying doesn't do any good it.It makes people feel worse about themselves.Make people happy not sad.Be there friends,don't be there enimey.Be there for them.STOP BULLYING PLEASE


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