AT THE INTERSECTION Minneapolis, Minnesota. 06.03.20

At the intersection where George Floyd was killed, a community memorial has sprung up from our collective grief—offerings of flowers, artwork, signs, messages. People are spontaneously bringing food, water, diapers and other supplies, which are heaped on tables under a tent. Anyone in need can come and collect what they need. As I arrived this morning, a small group was cooking breakfast and offering it freely. Coffee. Pancakes. Bacon. Eggs. Even grilled asparagus, onions, green peppers, and bratwurst. There was no sign proclaiming who they were or where they were from, no claiming of credit for this good deed. Just free food and a sign requesting, "Please let us serve you."

People were praying, crying, paying their respects, voicing their outrage, all while treating one another with kindness.

A self-appointed street preacher with a megaphone shared his thoughts and invited others to take a turn. "If you're going to love," he said, "love all the way. Because that's how change happens." A film crew from Al Jazeera news agency was setting up. "The world is watching," said a woman passing by. I heard gratitude in her voice.

The words that kept coming to mind as I walked back to my car to go home were: "Use your voice." Over and over again, those three words kept repeating themselves. May we all find our voices and use them.

Photographs and story by Lucy Mathews Heegaard ©2020. All rights reserved.

Created By
Lucy Mathews Heegaard