Great Expectations Part 2

Chapter 20 when Pip arrives to London.I choose this because it's a new beginning for him and starts off a new adventure for him. In chapter 28 When he see's the convicts. I chose this passage because it was kind of scary that the convict might recognized him and the convict is telling the story about him about the 2 pounds note that he gave to him and pip realizes it and runs away.In chapter 29 I chose this because he gets to finally see Estella and he knows that there meant to be even though she's mean and has a cold heart.

Pip realizes that he's disgusted and disappointing. He's meant to marry Estella but the relationship has gone from bad to worse.the convict, now a rugged old man, and the revelation that he, not Miss Havisham, is Pip’s secret benefactor. This revelation deflates Pip’s hopes that he is meant for Estella, and it completely collapses Pip.first as a poor laborer envious of the rich, then as a gentleman embarrassed of his poor relations.

The theme is affection, loyalty,class and consequence and it seems more important than social advancement,and wealth. The motifs are unbalanced, horrible and goals


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