Harn Museum Julien Duytsche

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This piece by Yvonne Jacquette really stood out to me because of the technique the artist used throughout the painting. Jacquette incorporates a very splotched and "messy" technique into her painting to really represent the city of Japan. The style allows us to see just how the chaotic and bright this city is while keeping its representation beautiful and impressive.

Design of the Museum

The West wing which is the first exhibit straight ahead when visitors enter the Museum was the most impressive one to me. The long corridor before the exhibit along with the extremely high ceilings really open up the space giving the paintings and pictures more significance. The exhibit opens up with a beautiful sculpture created by Audrey Flack of a Goddess. The way that this sculpture is displayed also amplifies its size and beauty. Overall, the layout and design of this exhibit allows the art to stand out and be the focal point without distractions.

Art and Core Values

The piece titled "Mama Baby, Tidal Pools, Trinadad, California" really displayed the connection of family in my eyes. This piece by Justine Kurland shows many mothers with their children on the beach. A key point of the picture is also how most of the mothers are breast feeding their children. The picture captures the connection, love, and purity between the mothers and their children. Family is very important to me which is why this photograph stood out to me based on ethics.

Art and the Good Life

An outfit on display at the museum really stood out to me as representing a piece of the good life. In the center of one of the exhibits, an outfit created my the Amazigh people, is on display. The detail, creativity, passion, and work put into this piece display hard work, love, and respect. Similar pieces created by this tribe are used in fashion shows and are on display throughout other museums. The people of this tribe create these for others to provide for their families and still put tons of work into each and every outfit. Visitors are able to look at this piece and really see the hard work that went into it which is a very large part of the good life. The good life is reached through years upon years of hard work and dedication.

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