August Sanders Photographer

Who Is he August Sanders?

August Sanders was a German photographer. He was born on the 17th of November 1876 and died on the 20th of April 1964. Born in Germany he was known as the most important german photographer of all time. He was most known for his portrait work but he also shoots landscape and street photography too. He got his first camera in 1892 and took it up as hobbit after serving in military service. He pursued his carer by working for a set of photographic firms and studios.

What was he known for?

August sanders was most known for his photographs of people land scape and street photography. August Sanders joined a group for progressive artists in Germany, and from there he begun to have ideas for a photographic series called face of our time and that was published in 1929.From there he traveled around Sardinia for three months with a writer and he took around 500 photos, from there only 60 of his portraits went into his series called People of the 20th Century.

August sanders work!

August sanders is most known for?

August Sanders brought attention to himself In an exhibition in the Cologne Arts Association in 1927, Augusts older works, originally created as commissioned portraits, were in the meantime being gathered and selected with a view toward the creation of a portfolio that was already in the works.. A man called Kurt Wolff was brought to the attention of August Sanders from this exhibition.


August Sanders

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