Desert Sonoran desert, United states & Mexico

Climate in the Sonoran Desert

Average Rainfall: 3-16 inches, Max: 20 inches, Min: 3 inches

Average Temperature: 104 F, Max: 134 F, Min: 32 F

The climate of the Sonoran Desert consists of low intensity winters and extreme summers.

Net Primary Productivity

The Desert Biome takes up more percent of the Earth than any other biome.

Soil Quality

The soil in the desert varies in texture. It is fertile, but cannot sustain much life. It has a dry look but organisms can thrive around it.

Invasives Buffelgrass

Buffelgrass crowds and grows very quickly. It has the qualities to kill pretty much any native plant in the Sonoran Desert. Even though it is just a relatively short grass, it is a major threat to the biome.

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf

The Mexican Gray Wolf is endangered because of habitat loss and hunting. They were recovered from extinction years ago and are one of the largest predators in the Sonoran Desert.


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