Should College Athletes Be Paid? Destiny Amour

College Athletes should be most definitely being paid. It isn’t just because they risk their lives every game, bring in large amount of money, or because of their education. In my opinion, they earned it, fair and square. They put their body and lives on the line every time they step into a practice or a game. They put a lot of their time into the sport they play and being an athlete. College athletes are often not praised as much as they should be. They go through more a lot then most people think.

The debate on whether college athletes should or shouldn’t be paid for playing sports has been going on for quite some time. Opinions are different everywhere. There are benefits, and then there isn’t. College athletes do put in a lot of time like a job, if not more. Not every athlete gets scholarships or full rides to college, but they do get a free education. There are so many reasons why they should or shouldn’t be paid. As college athletes proceed giving it their all and trying to make it to a professional level, the argument will continue on.

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