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Photography is a very joyful experience. Wearing my visual glasses requires a certain mood and time to focus. It is not always possible to linger in it, but when possible I find myself in an almost transcendent state of mind. I suppose it is what some people call flow.

Most often I use my iPhone 7+ to take photos. I am trying to master the camera app Camera+, but mainly still use the native camera.

Merged images - a feast of layering

I truly enjoy working with merged images. My favorite app is Juxtaposer. The fun bit is not knowing what the outcome will be. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to create, but most often I let the colours and shapes lead the way. Sometimes the images are exported to Snapseed for retouch and then back again.

Architectural - abstract beauty

Lines and shapes of architectural elements combined with structure and colour are very interesting to me. Sometimes the photos look almost geometrical, but other times reflections gives them a dreamlike appearance.

Natural soulfood

Being outdoors is blissful. Food for the soul and heart. I tend to take more macros than landscapes. The difficulty in taking nature photographs is to avoid plain, but dull beauty and instead create something with a feel, something relevant.

NATURE - original beauty


All images by Nina Balknäs

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