To Kill a Mocking Bird MELANIE ZULUAGA

Point of View: Mayella Ewell Scenery: Court Hearing

The Unheard

My name is Mayella Ewell, daughter of Bob Ewell. It is currently 11:37 pm, 3 hours approximate after the court hearing. What I'd like to express on pen and paper is what I could and should have said at today's earlier trial. But the thing is, and what some like Atticus Finch may think is that I am clearly an awful, sick person for setting up such a honest, hard working man such as Tom Robinson. One may be thinking, "Why is she saying the exact opposite she said during court"? Very valid point, but the whole game switches because of my father, Bob. Physically I spoke at the court, but those words emotionally and mentally were coming from my father. People need to understand what constant abuse and being sexually assaulted means. It marks you forever and has an impact in everything you do. My father has an impact in everything I do and say forever, and had full say in today's hearing. The stutters I took were no mistake. If I didn't say what I was suppose too, my father could have gotten angry and exuded some type of punishment upon me or my family. That is the side that many do not know nor care to know for.


Point of View: Atticus Scene: Finding out Tom is Guilty

The Already Known

The already known was something I knew since day one of taking Robinson's case. It was going to be extremely difficult. Where has a black man ever won a court case against a white man in specific a rape case? A quite rhetorical question; never. I had known this since I took this case, and I had known I would lose my respect in the town of Maycomb county from doing what is humanitarian and simply just. One may assume when the court's verdict that Tom was guilty I should have overreacted or have gotten infuriated. Yet, I did not show such a deep reaction. This is also because of the already known. I did what I believed was right, and that was to protect a man from false accusations as I would for any other man; white or black. I had already known this case could take this path, and what could potentially put my career at stake. But, the most important thing is that I had already known that every man, and every race is equal, that made me fight harder and with more moral for Tom Robinson.

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Point of View: Jem Scene: Boo Radley Situation

The Lone Man

The Lone Man I call him. He was solitary always, but always looking after Scout and I from a distance. When the night Bob attacked us, Mr.Boo Radley saved us. The lone man had became known and saved us from the terrible Bob Ewell who wanted to end my sister's life as well as mine. There are really no words to explain how I feel. Or, how Atticus would have felt. I am very thankful for Mr. Radley being there for the Finches when we needed it most. I couldn't imagine my father living alone, or simply being in Maycomb. With so much that went on, I cannot see him being accepted there. I...I feel as if he would have been killed, or maybe pitied. I know my father wouldn't appreciate the pity and would rather want lone time, just like Boo would. My kindest regards go out to the lone man, and the same man that saved Scout and I from death that afternoon. Thank you.

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Point of View: Mrs. Robinson Scene: Finding out Tom got shot

My dear Tom

Immediately when Atticus came into the room did I know something had happened to my dear Tom. Oh how my heart had melted and my eyes had cried tears for hours upon hours. The man...the man that shot my dear Tom was a racist man that did not have to shoot Tom 17 times...Just once if he must. This needs to be revised but I know nothing will ever go through this racist community. My life has been lost ever since I knew Tom has been accused, because I know there would be no chance of Tom getting away not guilty of this accusation. These are my feelings about Tom dying, yes it was devastating but I knew it was coming.


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