My 7th grade English teacher Mrs VillarrealWas one of the best teachers I had met because she changed my life for the better.

Mrs V. Was a teacher who would make sure if a student needed help she would be there to help that student. Even if no other teacher would she wouldn't care. She did not want to see other students fall behind on work. Mrs V. wanted to see all her students to go to the 8th grade.

When I started to fall behind she notice that wasn't good at all. So she emailed my mother and by that time I went to schools early in the mornings because of the bus to do work in her class before 7:50. Otherwise she knew I was a good and smart student i personally though just didn't like the material

I didn't complain though I did the material and soon after I was done and she saw. She knew I could do the work and put in the time and effort into making my grades 100. Sometimes I didn't like to though and that kept me from doing my work but I kept trying because she encouraged me to do the work.

In the end though she saw my potential and I was glad that I knew I was capable and smart to do it. I also knew she was probably one of the most successful teachers I had ever met.

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