labor from another land By:Brandon F., Colby h., Devon P., Alexey G.

The majority of the immigrants came from Europe

America gained 20 million new residents through immigration in 1880-1920

The Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion Act took away wages for the Chinese workers in an effort for "racial" purity" among whites. Chinese immigrants were not allowed to come to the country. The act was made in 1882 and renewed in 1892 for another ten years.This Act forbid the entering of Chinese workers to the United States, excluding teachers, diplomats, and merchants. This law remained in effect for 70 years afterwards.

Immigrant group activity

The scale and pace of the American industrial revolution had slowed after the door to mass immigration was sealed off in 1920.

Chinese immigrants had played a large roll in factory work, especially in the garment industry.

Chinese immigrants had also been largely instrumental in building railroads in the west.

French Canadian immigrants played a large role in the assembly lines of shoe and textile factories from the 1900 to the 1930.

Hundreds of thousands of British immigrants who were skilled factory workers moved to the U.S. in search of better pay at factories.

Immigrants from Lancashire, England filled the cloth factories in Fall River Massachusetts

In the 1850’s a certain number of Irish and German people came to America because of diseases which spread across the country. They were also poor, but they learned to farm and industrialize to help them survive. But the next president in the late 1850’s made many anti-immigrant laws, which included Irish and German immigrants. This made Irish and Germans in America leave.

Countries such as Canada, Sweden and France, along with the Europeans came about “300,000 Chinese and 90,000 Japanese immigrants” mostly to work on building transcontinental railroads. Japanese immigrants came to make some money because their country was in an economic depression, they were poor and couldn't feed or pay for what the owed in debt. During this time they had discovered gold in California and started transporting to find jobs.

The majority of people that transported were from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Great Britain and Ireland. immigration had a great effect on the growth of Industry, as more people transported to the States , more factories were made and more jobs were forced to be made and looked for.

During the gold rush was in act the Chinese were getting nearly half of what the white were getting.

How did immigration overall influence industrialization and urbanization?

As we urbanized America and moved towards a proficient economy we began to exclude certain groups of people from entering the country or having a job. As we industrialized a lot of jobs opened up. As these jobs opened up they attracted immigrants that would take these jobs. As we saw new people with new cultures, we began to exclude people from other countries as we were afraid they would affect our culture and change our democratic society.

Immigrants and their children composed over half of manufacturing workers in 1920.

If you count the third generation (or the grandchildren of immigrants) then over two-thirds of workers in the manufacturing industry were of recent immigrant descent.

From 1880 to 1920 the number of foreign born americans increased from almost 7 million to slightly less than 14 million

Immigrants provided a hardworking and determined workforce that the Industrial Revolution would not have been able to take place without.

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