Emptiness By Zoe Goodrich

Walking into school to take these pictures I knew it was going to be emotional. It was sad for me to see it so empty and most of the lights off, but it mostly brought back all the memories I have here. I sure do miss walking in here every morning!

Ms. Newville’s Room

“This picture make me feel sadness, despair, and total emptiness.” - Ms. Newville

Miss having your class bright and early first hour!

Front Office

Weird to see the office so empty, in the mornings sometimes there’s a line out the door. Girls who need an admit or girls who need to drop off something and sometimes girls shadowing waiting in there.

The counselor’s office

“This picture brings me so many feelings…sad that I am not there, sad that it isn’t filled with students helping each other with school work or working with us on college and scholarship applications. Honestly, just seeing the room empty brings tears to my eyes. I feel longing to return and see all of your beautiful faces. I feel happy that I have such a wonderful place to work. I am excited to see the remodel coming this summer and I am full of anticipation to have our offices full again!” - Mrs. Powers

Sophomore Locker

Walking in the hallways there are still decorations hanging. Some haven’t changed since before spring break, thinking we would be back.

Mrs. Kessler’s Room

“ I feel bittersweet. I have been coming up to my classroom three times a week and it has felt surreal. I am so sad it is empty, devoid of their laughter and the chattering. However, I feel the spirit of the girls with me! Zooming has definitely lessened the grief of being apart. I am especially sad for my seniors. I wish I could make this all go away. I know God will bless them in other ways.” - Mrs. Kessler

The Chapel

It’s weird to think that next time I sit down in this Chapel for mass I will be sitting in the senior section. And for all the other students who will be sitting in the different sections and to have the new freshmen in there. Also to not have one more all school mass is heartbreaking.

Junior Hallway

Seeing this hallway so empty and not seeing my other sisters is hard. Walking up this hallway every morning brought me happiness even though most of the time I was still half asleep walking in. I miss everyone so much!

The Gym

“ This picture makes me both happy and sad. Happy because it makes me think about all the good times we have had in the gym in classes and in athletics. Sad because we are not all together in classes, having pep rallies, dance offs or practices. I miss all of this!” - Ms. Mousel

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