clonmacnoise facts

  • Clonmacnoise was found by St.Ciarán in 544 Co.Offaly
  • [Cuain Mhic Nóise]is Clonmacnoise in Irish
  • St.Ciarán was a young man from Rathcrough,Roscommon
  • In the 9th century it was close association with the kings of Connacht
  • Its one of Irelands biggest monasteries
  • If you didn't know vikings raided Clonmacnoise eight times
  • There are used to be 17 churches in the 8 century
  • There are 6 remains of churches
  • Its on the banks of river shannon
  • Its located in the middel of two very important travel paths the river Shannon and Slí Mór
  • Slí Mór means the great road
  • Round towers are used to hide monks treasure.
  • from viking and other monks.
  • other monks steel other monks treasure of jealousy.
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