Term 1a, week 3

This week, we did some drama linked to our class reader, ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’.

We took on the roles of some of the characters in the story including Lila, Chulak and Hamlet. This allowed us to empathise with the characters and to support us with our writing.

Since we are learning about China, we have been working with paper and making decorations.

We had to create designs on 4 pieces of paper and the designs had to be identical on all 4.

We then had to fold them tightly to create a fan effect.

We were very proud of the work we created as you can tell from our faces. Mrs Bewick and Mrs Hodgson were impressed with how well they turned out.

We have put them together to create a Chinese dragon on the wall. We’ll include a picture of it on our next blog.

We have been enjoying the last of the warm sunshine in our PE lessons, playing cricket.

We developed our throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills in preparation for playing a game.