Passionate about Safer Night Driving Your Rear View Mirror Dims, Do Your side view mirrors? if not, WE can help

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While driving at night, have you ever been distracted by the high beams from vehicles approaching from the rear and wished there was a way to eliminate the hazard.There is a way.

I am John Gibbs from Charlottesville, Va. For 35 years I worked as an Insurance Adjuster. During that time, there is very little I have not seen regarding the carnage created by inattentive drivers . The photo you see is a vehicle that damaged due to the driver needing to shield his eyes.

Having logged over 1,000,000 behind the wheel and while driving at night I find the glare of the headlights from vehicles approaching from the rear to be a safety hazard. When it happens to me, I find myself placing my hand over my eyes ,taking my hands off the wheel. Or moving to the center of the vehicle. This lends itself to driver inattention and accidents.

To eliminate the glare I designed and patented a new anti-glare side view mirror to eliminate the unwanted and dangerous glare from vehicles approaching from the rear. I have a marketing company that wishes to promote my design. In order for that to happen, I am raising money to pay the marketing company and begin promotion as soon as possible.

The high-end vehicles do have a means to assist in the glare reduction . However, the cost per mirror is between $850----$2500 to replace. My mirror is designed for the small to midsize market at a cost that will be affordability for all.

I am concerned about automobile safety and feel that the small to midsize market will benefit by making them safer at night. It means a great deal to me knowing that there are ways to create safety and also that others share my dream. Should anyone wish to contribute the full amount, I would be willing to discuss having them as a partner and share in future proceeds, should we be successful.

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